Whether you’re traveling with a newly met travel buddy or your special someone, the entire experience would not always be a walk in the park- there would inevitably, be times of slow-motion hair-pulling when your travel companion gets too irritating. Here are some tips on how you can come back from your short escape in one piece- and, yes, with your glorious mane still intact.


When in doubt, whether or not to take these tips into consideration, think how you’ll like watching yourself re-enact scenes from the Expendables.

  1. Whether it’s just choosing which side of that comfy King-size bed you’ll be sleeping in, or who gets to take a bath first in the morning, you have to show excellent communication skills in every decision. You wouldn’t want to awaken that sleeping Godzilla inside your buddy!
  2. The number one rule of buddy-travel: Never ever fight about directions! Consult your phone’s map application for that! Reading maps can be a pain GPS-aided Navigation would always come to the rescue.
  3. Don’t be such a sleaze and put your thing where they’re supposed to be. You wouldn’t want the experience turning sour with a blame-game.
  4. Try keeping a few hours to yourself. A quick coffee run or a quiet sit-down breakfast would do the trick.
  5. Always be considerate of your travel companion. Remember: you are not traveling alone. What if he or she prefers to go somewhere else? What if he or she is tired? And, God help you, what if he or she is hungry?
  6. Every once in awhile, let your buddy have the privilege of choosing. It’s compromise that moves us along, after all! Probably, next time you’ll get the chance to have that one last meatball, or choose what to have for brunch! 
This got me thinking: What was your most memorable experience with your travel buddy? Let’s talk about it!