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“Airline posters from the 1950s gravitated to focus not much on the airline itself, but to where it could get you.”

—Geza Szurovy

In Geza Szurovy’s 2002 book entitled, “Art of the Airways”, airline posters from the 1950s gravitated to focus not much on the airline itself, but to where it could get you. “The allure of exotic destinations was a strong draw from the beginning,” says Szurovy.

Northwest Orient Airlines, Hawaii, c. 1958

American Airlines, Jet-Powered Electra Powerships, Walter Bomar, c. 1951

Released shortly after the company redid its routes into a connected system, and was renamed American Airlines


Qantas, Australia, Frank McNamara, c.1955

Qantas poster In North America advertising travel to Australia via Hawaii


Imperial Airways and Indian-Transcontinental Airways, India, c.1934

Imperial Airways (Before it merged with BOAC) promoting their route to India, Palestine, Iraq, Iranian Gulf (Iran), Burma (Myanmar), Siam (Thailand), and Malaya (Malaysia).


TWA, Europe, David Klein, c.1956

Europe route poster by David Klein commissioned by TWA (Trans World Airlines) in 1956


LOT Polish Airlines (Polskie Linie Lotnicze), c.1929

A Polskie Linie Lotnicze poster circa 1929 advertising their hubs and routes before it was renamed to LOT Polish Airlines


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam to Batavia, Vinci, c.1935

Established in 1919, KLM is the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name – KLM commissioned Vinci to for their advertisement promoting Amsterdam to Batavia (now Jakarta) route in 1935.


Air India International, Lockheed Super Constellation, c.1950s

Air India International advertising their Bombay (now Mumbai) – Cairo – Geneva – London route on their Lockheed Super Constellation in early 1950s.


Services Aeriens Internationaux D’Egypte (SAIDE), c.1947

One of the 5 advertisements commissioned by SAIDE before it was acquired by EgyptAir in 1952.


SABENA, New York Direct to Moscow, c.1960s

SABENA (now Brussels Airlines) poster from the 1960s promoting their New York to Moscow route on the Boeing “Intercontinental” Jet.


Imagery Courtesy of The Simmonds Collection

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    April 26, 2018 1:12 am

    If only ads now are this well-thought of as before!

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