Focus On: Taipei’s Sprawling Art Scene

Although the youth do not have monopoly on new, game-changing ideas, new, game-changing ideas are usually borne out of the ingenuity and idealism of youth.

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Taipei's Sprawling Art Scene
44 South Village: Kuomintang soldier housing complex turned multi-use complex

What makes Taiwan the vibrant, innovative city that it is must be the young people working on its design scene – most working on the fields of industrial and interior design, city planning, and architecture – and the people backing them up. The combined efforts of the young and the old move the city forward. After all, design is how things work, and how things work dictate a certain way of life.

Taipei's Sprawling Art Scene

Most of the time, highly skilled artisans and micro-entrepreneurs have a difficult time getting support from established brands, but that doesn’t seem like the case in Taipei. They find homes in art collectives such as Songshan Cultural & Creative Park and find a receptive audience in Taiwan’s most iconic bookstore-turned-department-store, eslite. Repurposing old buildings requires a good deal of capital, but Taipei spares no expense in preserving its history, all the while enlivening its art and culture.

Now, if only developing cities were to take a page from the book of this year’s design capital, today’s youth would have the perfect outlet for their creativity and restlessness, and, on a side note, metropolitan hubs would not look like grayscale copies of each other.

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