See you Tokyo!

See you, Tokyo!

Touching down, I cannot help but be filled with nostalgia for the fond memories of spending the happiest days of my childhood in Nakanobu. Happens every single time. Maybe, it’s an over-romanticisation of days past. Then again, going around feels like tracing the back of my hand.

What I can’t help but go on and on about is that the Japanese don’t seem to mind taking the long route, just to meet you halfway. Theirs is a kindness that seems to be increasingly rare nowadays. Maybe, it comes from their unique worldview; maybe, it’s just a cultural thing. Soaking it all up, you’re filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you want to believe in people, in strangers even.

Coming to Tokyo almost feels like coming home. Whenever I fly out, I never bid it “Sayonara! さよなら !” It has been and will be “Ja ne! じゃね”

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See you Tokyo!