You are already five hours into an eight-hour flight, when you notice that the person sitting on 1A looks just like your high school crush, whom you cannot seem to ever forget about. You start trying to catch his eye. Direct him towards the in-flight bar, perhaps? Right then, you trace your lips with your fingers: you realize your lips are close to bleeding!

You’ve got low cabin humidity and recycled air supply to thank for the gory condition you are in, honey. You might not like the petroleum slickness of lip balm against your lips, but you might not have a choice in the matter, if that’s all your in-flight amenity kit has.

Unless, you have THAT trusty lip cream with you. Did it not promise to replenish moisture as quickly as “One. Two. Three”? Just hope that that promise is not for naught. Would the relaxing scent of Rose Hip and Ylang Ylang be consolation enough, though? Then, you think, “If it can work its magic on lips tortured by frigid mountain air, surely it could work wonders now?”

Who knows, you might just snag that cutie in 1A, before those landing gears hum beneath your seat. You hurry and swipe it on.

Aesop, Rosehip Seed Lip Cream