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The Best of Salone del Mobile 2017

Salone del Mobile
Wittmann Hayon Workshop by Jaime Hayon for Wittmann

4 April 2017 marks the debut of Milan Design Week’s annual Salone del Mobile. Being the most well-renowned furniture trade fair in the world, it attracts millions of visitors every year.

In case you missed it, join us as we rediscover our favorite exhibits through the social media posts of iSaloni’s guests.

 Alex Proba “The One, The Other” Rug Collection for CC-Tapis

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Alex Proba (@alexproba)

Botanica by Vito Nesta Wallpaper with Devon&Devon Hollywood Bathtub

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Devon&Devon (@devondevon_official)

Arcos by Lievore Altherr for Arper

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Arper (@arper_official)

Bomboca Sofa by Estudio Campana for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Salone del Mobile
Photo via By Ila G (@ilaaa_g)

Wittmann Hayon Workshop by Jaime Hayon for Wittmann

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Wittmann (@wittmann_official)

Normann Copenhagen

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Normann Copenhagen (@normanncph)

Wiener GTV Design

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Studio Yellowtrace (@studioyellowtrace)

Brixx for DEDON by Lorenza Bozzoli

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Lorenza Bozzoli (@lorenza_bozzoli_design)

Le Refuge by Marc Ange

Salone del Mobile
Photo via The Invisible Collection (@theinvisiblecollection)

Liquify by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Authentic Design Alliance (@authenticdesign_aus)

Carl Hansen & Son

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Ben Anders (@benandersphotographer)

Paula Lenti

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Giulia Voltolini (@giuliavoltolini)

The Athena Collection by Olivia Lee

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Olivia Lee (@visuallyolivialee)

Lawless Chair by Evan Fay

Salone del Mobile
Photo via Evan Day (@evan_fay_design)

Excavation: Evicted Series by Paul Cocksedge

Salone del Mobile
Photo by Paul Cocksedge (@paulcocksedge)

Let us know about your picks!

William @ Passport Out

William is a content manager at The Passport Out

  1. Arden Cho

    April 10, 2017 6:27 pm

    That Le Refuge lounger! Marc Ange is a genius!

  2. Dean

    April 10, 2017 6:28 pm

    beautiful pieces and beautiful website great job guys

  3. Yuya

    April 10, 2017 6:31 pm

    前の日曜に行った !!

  4. Tati Smith

    April 10, 2017 6:32 pm

    really loving the colors of your new website! very refreshing! and this design inspiration…WOW

  5. Markus Van Dijk

    April 10, 2017 6:33 pm

    Sad I was not able to visit this year. Seeing this makes me feel bad he he he

  6. Cara Jung

    April 11, 2017 2:18 pm

    everything is beautiful! I cannot pick 1!!!!

  7. Jaime

    April 11, 2017 2:20 pm

    bellos interiores 😍😍😍

  8. 〜tomomi〜

    April 11, 2017 2:44 pm


  9. Tina

    April 11, 2017 4:09 pm

    that lawless chair looks really interesting and comfortable. the color is perfect too!

  10. Joe

    April 11, 2017 4:23 pm

    Have been wanting to visit for such a long time. Definitely visiting on 2018!

  11. Wendy C.

    April 11, 2017 4:49 pm

    desperately in need of that liquify table for my living room
    want, need, living for it

  12. Dina

    April 12, 2017 12:05 am

    Very well picked and beautiful new site!!! Congratulations!!!

  13. Paul Yang

    April 12, 2017 12:13 am

    saw your post on instagram. immediately checked everything. my thoughts? wow. just wow.

  14. carrie

    April 12, 2017 12:30 am

    Gorgeous spaces!

  15. Emily

    April 12, 2017 10:47 am

    Interesting how the designs you picked varies from contemporary, to classic. Very well curated.

  16. jess k.

    April 12, 2017 10:51 am


  17. Aimee Gan

    April 12, 2017 10:59 am

    those are some interesting pieces. they need to be available in hong kong SOON!

  18. Pia

    April 12, 2017 11:33 am

    Incredible! That blue knot chair is insane.

  19. 清子

    April 12, 2017 11:42 am


  20. Nicole

    April 12, 2017 12:02 pm

    all the colors are just fantastic! very fab!

  21. David

    April 12, 2017 1:13 pm

    CC-Tapis makes the best rugs. They function like art pieces. I have one on my study.

  22. p jackson

    April 12, 2017 11:24 pm

    heard the story about paul cocksedge’s newest series. really interesting.

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