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Tokyo Street Style

The Japanese value appearances as much as any other East Asian does. When in Tokyo, it might be best to dress as the Tokyoites do. After all, it’s easier to approach a local, and ask for directions, when you feel irredeemably lost, if you feel confident that you look decent enough to be received well....

Jetset Dating #1: The Lip

You are already five hours into an eight-hour flight, when you notice that the person sitting on 1A looks just like your high school crush, whom you cannot seem to ever forget about. You start trying to catch his eye. Direct him towards the in-flight bar, perhaps? Right then, you trace your lips with your fingers: you realize your lips are close to bleeding! ...

Building Blocks

Over the course of a few years, we have developed different systems of how, what and when we should pack, eventually distilling what goes into our packing list into the essential kits. Don't worry. We'll let you in on our little secret....


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