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In A Lonely Place

In the humdrum of a city of 7.1 million people, it's very ironic how one would feel alone and isolated while walking along the crowded streets of Hong Kong. "I would love my audience to enjoy the piece visually, but to go away thinking more deeply about the idea of…

Matleena’s Stockholm

Join The Passport Out as we explore the Swedish capital through the eyes of Stockholm-based lifestyle Instagrammer, Matleena (@matleenas)! Stockholm gives you the best of both worlds: I love that you can feel the hustle and bustle of a big city, but can just as easily go to the numerous…


While packing for the Bora Bora trip, Passport Out's editors might have been too preoccupied daydreaming about paradise, that they filled their suitcases with all of their seafoam-colored things!

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